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Since I had no motivation at all, it took me quite a while until I drew SouMako but it seems that I’m coming slowly back xD

Since it’s also SouMako week, I can only say I have a great timing! >D

I dunno why but I ship them so hard OTL


i’m so wrecked by porrimicide's fefsky 18 that i can’t even draw properly (let alone choose a frickin scene to draw wtf) OTL if there was such a thing as incoherent adrenaline doodling, then this is 500% it. slay me now byeeeee


SouMako week » day 7: free prompt!
"Hey Makoto. I like you.
I made everyone sad because of my previous AU, so now a cute one to soothe the pain of my evilness. I enjoyed reading all the tags //evil laugh in the distance// Also, kinda part 2 of this AU


SouMako Week Day 6: Touch/Sight

SouMako Week Day 6 ~ Touch/Sight


 by 宥悧
permission to post given by the artist


Another Free! Premium Shop is being held, this time in Marui Kobe (in Kansai, near Osaka). No word yet on if the goods/clearfile designs/etc will be new or not, but the art is new for sure!

And their shoes match their hair………/loving sigh

You can see my report on the Free! Premium Shop in Marui City Shibuya here!


Sousuke nervously putting on the wedding band on Makoto’s finger

Just when I told myself I’d be skipping a day. I guess this is kinda established relationship >_>;


SouMako week - Day 6
touch / sight

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